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Meer mensen komen uit de kast tegen het Geheime Ruimte Programma Disclosure van Corey Goode.


Meer en meer mensen brengen hun stem uit tegen de Corey Goode disclosure tbv het SSP programma.
Hier is een lijst vanuit de alternatieve media die tegen Corey Goods informatie is over disclosure met alle linken voor referentie.


Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Michael Salla, en anderen hebben gereageerd op de stijgende kritiek richting de SPP informatie en dat kan gevonden worden op de volgende links.

Corey Goode Update: Haters Attacking, Sigmund Missing, UFO Community Assets Activated, CIA’s Fake News Model Hugely Successful

The Cults of Corey Goode – Haters & Obsessors

Corey Goode Responds to Claims Made by Bill Ryan

As Corey Goode Secret Space Program Claims go Viral Critics Step up Attacks

Hieronder zijn een paar van de nieuwste tegenstanders van de Corey Goode informatie inclusief een volle reportage voor jou referenties.
Sommige kunnen zeer schokkend zijn en vooral die van Alfred Webre en de nieuwste informatie van de duistere reporter die het standpunt maakt “Dark Journalist onthult wat schokkende details die opgedoken zijn tbv Corey Goode en zijn marketing teams documenten geassocieerd met Satanisme en Luciferische  beelden.

-Eigen aanvulling van Ilona Beaard
Ik heb mijn eigen huiswerk hier ook over gedaan en waarbij Corey in het begin inderdaad positief begon, begint hij inderdaar dis-informatie naar voren te brengen.
Waarom hij dit doet weet ik niet, maar weet dat er altijd veel meer achter steekt dan we denken.
Er kan MK ultra aan de hand zijn, negatieve astrale invloed, er kunnen nepherineringen bij hem zijn ingebracht voor dis-informatie, zijn informanten kunnen onder mindcontrol zijn, hij kan astraal met de verkeerde praten…
Ik ben er nog niet uit maar als ik meer weet zal ik het jullie laten weten.

De volgende statements zijn in het engels omdat het vertalen teveel tijd gaat kosten, maar dit toch waardevolle informatie is.

Credit to Starship Earth Blog for bringing the Alfred Webre posting into the forefront.

AscensionWithEarth Observations:  Corey Goode had predicted intel dumps by the resistance alliance which did happen via Wikileaks.  His intel and information does coincide with intel provided by Dr. Pete Perterson and Dr. William Tompkins including other intel providers connected with David Wilcock.  Regarding intel it seems that Goode is on the right track but it is always hard to verify his claims due to little evidence.  The opposing groups also bring up some valid arguments against Goode’s claims but they also seem to lack substance which still lead people to question what is really happening.  It is very hard for the “Truther” community to discern and as such it has divided everyone.  Both sides are compelling but both sides still need to bring more substance and a unifying message to rally behind in which all of humanity can support.  What will it take for both sides to come to the table, agree to disagree, and move on?





Alfred Lambremont Webre:

SPLIT IN THE EXOPOLITICS COMMUNITY – There is also another more fundamental split, between the Satanists and the Light Workers, which commenters seem in denial of in their facile projections. This post is about the deep penetration of JIRKA RYSAVY, a Polish abusive capitalist with Satanic connections from Poland into a hostile takeover of GAIA TV and CONTACT IN THE DESERT. RYSAVY comes from dubious Polish Satanic money connections where in 2016 Max Spiers was assassinated in Satanic fashion in Warsaw in 2016, just prior to the Oct 2016 keynote address I gave at the Warsaw Truth conference, remotely for safety. On May 4, 2017 I learned that another Warsaw Truth presenter now has brain cancer, all from the same Polish arconic Satanic circles that have taken over GAIA TV, CONTACT IN THE DESERT, & now ANCIENT ALIENS CRUISE.

These Polish arconic satanic forces acting through JIRKA RYSAVY, Polish owner of GAIA, FINANCER OF CONTACT IN THE DESERT & THE ANCIENT ALIENS CRUISE with dubious Polish Satanic connections that have made Warsaw ASSASSINATION CITY with the Satanic death of Max Spiers in 2016 and the bioweapon brain cancer of a leading whistleblower in May 2017. The two Exopolitics FLIM FLAM PRESENTERS AT GAIA TV presented by the Satanist connected owner are reportedly presenting under FALSE NAMES! Corey Goode is a False name. David Wil-cock is a False stage name. These are FLIM FLAM artists.

I was the keynote speaker at the 100th anniversary of Edgar Cayce’s birth in St John the Divine Cathedral in New York based on my 1974 book THE AGE OF CATACLYSM about the Cayce Prophecies and my meetings with Cayce’s grandson, Charles Thomas Cayce. You can download the book for free at www.exopolitics.com. David Wilcock [AKA Eric L.] was denounced as a fraud by the ARE Association for Research & Enlightenment based on his attempts to appropriate Cayce material and claim Cayce incarnationship for himself. Satanic abusive capitalist Jirka Rysavy, & Exopolitics Flim Flam False name artists Eric L [David Wil-cock] and Corey Goode do not belong in genuine Exopolitics media and must be exposed as operators of low frequency deception.

Source Link: https://www.facebook.com/alfred.webre/posts/10158722754190524



James Rink:



“Corey Goodes Blue Avian ET’s approached the ACIO and offered to help humanity in exchange for experiments in changing the laws of physics in this section of the galaxy, their offer was flatly turned down. What agenda is behind Corey Goode is yet to be revealed but it doesn’t appear to be a good one. Also David Wilcock is not the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, that belongs to a woman in Chicago. David Wilcock sometimes gets information form the same spirit guides that guided Cacye but they are not the same reincarnation.   -James Rink”




Dark Journalist



Published on May 29, 2017

New Age Deep State Part 2: The ‘Team’ & Luciferic Influences

In this exciting part 2 episode of this investigative series that looks at the covert influences attempting to infiltrate and coerce the New Age and UFO communities, Dark Journalist reveals some shocking details that have emerged relating to Corey Goode, and his marketing team’s documented association with Satanism and Luciferic imagery. Goode, who claims to be a Time Traveling Astronaut in his show with David Wilcock on Gaia TV, is creating ever more elaborate stories to complement his marketing scenarios, but a major backlash is growing against the promotion of a story that appears from all angles to be a work of fiction.

This episode also delves into the major initiative called ‘Corey’s Kids’ that attempts to enlist young adults do outreach to attract the teen market into cult-like activities by promoting Goode’s comic books and video games about disclosure.

UFO Disclosure vs FDN “Disclosure”

He also looks at the larger role of the the 3 Year Disclosure Plan that Corey Goode recently announced at a conference. Goode’s business partner Roger Ramsaur has kept largely in the shadows as he built up something called Full Disclosure Network (FDN) over the last year. Now we can see the oddity that this FDN movement doesn’t even mention UFOs in their title or reference the topic much as you would expect from a disclosure oriented organization. The evidence suggests that the ‘Disclosure’ they are referring to is the Disclosure that Lucifer the Light Bringer will bring the world into his domain and that they are using the narrative of the Blue Avians to introduce a new Satanic Movement under the guise of Advanced Alien Races coming to help humanity.

There are more stunning details that will be revealed as we get closer to the truth of what is masquerading in the independent media as a 3 year movement for disclosure and co-opting legitimate UFO and Secret Space Program research areas and turning them into Occult recruiting initiatives and unscrupulous marketing techniques aimed at a millennial crowd.

Stunning, disturbing, informative and fascinating, you don’t want to miss this incredible Dark Journalist episode!

Research Links on FDN:







Clif High:

25 minute mark talks about Corey Goode


Gaiam TV, in bowing to Politically Correct (PC) culture, thus not wishing to offend David and James, and thus not demanding evidence from James Corey (aka Corey Goode) and David Wilcock, have ended up offending everyone, especially their viewers, thus placing all their years of work at risk of turning into Instant Shit Storm, just add a few Corey Good Giant Blue Space Alien Chicken nuggets, and heat a minute in the microwave of Gaiam TV fantasy cookery. Then watch out for the lightning, and especially, the return on those Blue Space Chicken nuggets…



Shane The Ruiner:


Shane Bales, The Ruiner, and Randy Maugans cover the continued development of the media creation that is the Blue Avians-Secret Space Program entertainment franchise. Post-Avalon , the forum wars, the entrance of David Wilcock as he looks for his next vein of material, Gaia(m) TV, and the mechanics of intelligence operations that run through the so-called “alternative media” communities.

Shane’s blog and podcasts can be found at:

The PDF of deleted, altered forum posts and interactions by/with Corey Goode from April-May 2015 (160 ppg.):



Christine Anderson:


Christine Anderson: Cult Of Personality-The Evolution Of Corey Goode

OffPlanet Radio goes to the primary source for a deep look into the emergence of an alternative media cult figure. Corey Goode went from unemployed IT worker, medicated, repressed, and in poverty, to a media cottage industry with a TV series on Gaia(M) TV and a lucrative slot on the conference circuit.

Christine Anderson’s article and narrative of the Corey Goode story:

Claiming he was a childhood recruit of the “Secret Space Program””, Goode. long with David Wilcock and Dr. Michael Salla, began talking about an offworld race, The Blue Avians, one of five groups of beings collectively called The Sphere Alliance. Goode currently travels, speaking about “the message of the Blue Avians for humanity”…Is he legit—or a product of intelligence agencies and opportunistic media handlers?

A conversation with Christine Anderson, who was an admin on the Project Avalon Forums during the time the person now known as Corey Goode was emerging. In September of 2014, she conducted an informal talk with Goode at his home, recording the conversation that was later released as the first interview.

As Christine describes, there were dramatic changes in Goode’s story, as well as his demeanor. Then there were ensuing dramas that spilled over into other online groups, personal lives, and the online disclosure community, as the once reticent Goode became an online tyrant. In the background, a war of egos and the deals that launched a media career.

Christine Anderson is a successful entrepreneur, healer, remote viewer, and coach, who writes and produces her videos, interviews, and words of encouragement from http://earthempaths.net/

Bron: http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2017/05/more-people-coming-out-against-secret.html



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